Progress in 2023 and what’s next for 2024

Over the past year I’ve focussed mainly on projects in the City and Clerkenwell that developed from the idea of Exploring EC1, started before the pandemic. More background on that below, with plans for further development including an exciting project in North Kensington. Highlights in 2023 I’ve created a set of wiki pages that bring … Continue reading “Progress in 2023 and what’s next for 2024”

Another question about Destination City – and BIDs

Update: the Old Bailey venue for City Questions yesterday was very grand … but from my point of view not much use, because the acoustics were so terrible. I couldn’t hear Brendan Barns initial speech about Destination City, or subsequent discussion, and so didn’t want to pitch in. I’m submitting my question by email. As … Continue reading “Another question about Destination City – and BIDs”