I started this blog about connecting people and ideas in part to follow through work on Networked City and Exploring EC1. Those projects experimented with how to use different types of maps and media to help make connections and build relationships in local communities.

I’m now exploring how to put those methods into practice, through this blog and other online content, initially linked to a column offered to me by Oliver Bennett, editor of the EC1 Echo. My focus is the north west of the City of London, where I live, and neighbouring Clerkenwell. Echo stories here.

I’m particularly interested in how we can build the information and communications infrastructure that communities need through a mix of technology, traditional methods and in person meetings. More about my past work here, with earlier posts on my Social reporter blog. Here’s How the social reporter ideas started.

I’m married to Ann Holmes, who is a councillor for the Farringdon Within Ward of the City of London, where we live. Views on the City are entirely my own.

David Wilcox

Email david@socialreporter.com