The Elizabeth Line works both ways for the City

The other day I received in the post a lavish publication from the Canary Wharf Group with 30 pages of promised treats from new restaurants, bars, shops and leisure experiences to penthouse flats for sale or rent.

It promoted a covered ice rink and display of Winter Lights, with everything also accessible on a smartphone app. You can find it online here.

I can’t remember when I signed up for it. Maybe when we took grandchildren on a trip down the Elizabeth Line, delighted it was so quick and easy to get to from the City.

Farringdon is now the most accessible station in London because of Underground, Elizabeth Line and Thameslink. The new Destination City campaign to attract tourists to the City is making much of that.

Arrival of the Canary Wharf brochure brought home to me that it is going to work the other way too. It is now very easy for City residents and workers to visit Canary Wharf – and the Canary Wharf Group are going to let us know that.

It is a very different place from the City … and so the City’s marketing offer will play up culture, heritage and a greater diversity of entertainments.

The development of Canary Wharf office space presented a commercial challenge to the City. It looks as if they are now upping their game.

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