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Plans to restage Bartholomew Fair in Smithfield and through the City in 2023

£50,000 Smithfield design competition might take inspiration from Bartholomew Fair

Update: Winners have been announced with a proposal for ‘Seats at the table’. “The team will work with local disabled and non-disabled youth to co-design spaces of sharing, making, learning, nourishment and socialising”. More here. A new competition ‘Co-designing Equity in the Public Realm’ aims to deliver “temporary public realm interventions in Smithfield and East read more »

Revive Bartholomew Fair? Maybe it’s already happening in Culture Mile

Articles in the EC1Echo about reviving Bartholomew Fair in 2023 have attracted support. However, in lots of ways we already have an all-year Fair taking place in the many venues along the City of London’s Culture Mile. Here’s a discussion paper on how we might combine a new Fair with promotion of those very varied read more »

Restaging Bartholomew Fair on the ground and online

Update April 2023: The City Corporation are planning a spectacular City-wide Bartholomew Fair in September. Next year Barts Hospital and St Bartholomew the Great celebrate 900 years of service. The Fair that was started to help fund their work became a huge success – but was eventually closed down for encouraging debauchery and public disorder. read more »