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Museum of the Streets and Radical Clerkenwell

The EC1 Echo carries an interview with Sharon Ament, director of the Museum of London, about closure of the current site, plans to re-open in three years, and what’s happening in between. Echo editor Oliver Bennett kindly invited me to write something about my idea for a Museum of the Streets, which I’ve previously posted read more »

Plans for a substantial new square near St Paul’s Cathedral

Update December 2022: the City Corporation has now formally published proposals for the St Paul’s gyratory, described in the article below, and invited comments, saying: ”The gyratory, which was introduced in the 1970’s is dominated by motor traffic and we are exploring options to improve the area for other street users. The project area stretches read more »

Twitter Likes spark thoughts on the Echo, libraries and community information

I dropped into Barbican Library yesterday for an informative chat about the proposed community room, and on the way out spotted a pile of EC1 Echos. I’m keen to see more free distribution of the Echo in the City … particularly since I’m fortunate to be favoured with space for three pieces in this edition. read more »

Echo article on the Culture Mile BID – and a BID website

Below is my article for the EC1 Echo October/November edition. Download here Update: since the Echo printed, consultants Primera have published a Culture Mile BID website, confirming the idea of a community forum. See end note. Culture Mile may become a BID Businesses in the north west of the City will contribute cash to projects read more »

Only Connect

My column for the EC1 Echo October/November 2022 edition I live just south of Smithfield, and enjoy walking through the market buildings into Clerkenwell, via St John’s Gateway, St James Churchyard, Spa Fields and Exmouth Market. There are lots of other interesting routes, and I’ve been experimenting with different sort of maps, photos and videos read more »

My EC1 Echo explainer on London Wall West, and update

Here’s my article on London Wall West, published in the current edition of the EC1 Echo. It was finalised after the City’s Court of Common Council on July 21, but I didn’t have time or space to analyse discussion in detail. I’ve provided an update below. Text of the article There are two very different read more »

A community hub at the Barbican Kitchen door could catalyse neighbourhood connections

Updates: my column in the EC1 Echo promotes these ideas for a community hub. However, staff changes at the Communities and Neighbourhoods team mean any developments on the hub are delayed until 2023. Further updates here on the idea of a hub, and a community room. Just inside the Barbican Centre’s terrace entrance, on the read more »

Restaging Bartholomew Fair on the ground and online

Update April 2023: The City Corporation are planning a spectacular City-wide Bartholomew Fair in September. Next year Barts Hospital and St Bartholomew the Great celebrate 900 years of service. The Fair that was started to help fund their work became a huge success – but was eventually closed down for encouraging debauchery and public disorder. read more »

Does a name follow a sense of community or vice versa?

When Oliver Bennett, editor of the excellent EC1 Echo, invited me to write a column, I focussed on the many different names we use for local neighbourhoods. Smithfield, Farringdon, Aldersgate, Cripplegate, Barbican, Barts Square, Clerkenwell, St Luke’s, Finsbury are a few. It set me wondering how far this detracts from any shared sense of community. read more »