Revive Bartholomew Fair? Maybe it’s already happening in Culture Mile

Articles in the EC1Echo about reviving Bartholomew Fair in 2023 have attracted support. However, in lots of ways we already have an all-year Fair taking place in the many venues along the City of London’s Culture Mile.

Here’s a discussion paper on how we might combine a new Fair with promotion of those very varied activities, support the Barts 900 fund-raising plans of Barts Hospital and St Bartholomew’s the Great, and join with the Destination City campaign. Read the paper here.

In order to get started, the paper suggests:

  • Discuss with Barts 900 partners, and the Destination City team, how Bartholomew Fair might support their plans.
  • Summarise more fully the history of Bartholomew Fair, with other linked references to support this first idea of Barts Fair Revived. Set up a blog and web pages.
  • List and map the organisations, places and activities along and near Culture Mile, so we know more about the assets that we have. Is a common events calendar possible?
  • Ask organisations what they are planning for 2022/23, and explore with them whether Barts Fair could help them do more and connect with others. Invite those interested to a walk and get together – maybe on or near August 24.
  • Depending on the response, develop some demonstrations of virtual tours and other ideas in my article for the Echo.

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